I'm new!

Hello Yoshi fans!

I'm new at Live Journal, but I'm a big Yoshi fan. I like Yoshi a lot and I cannot stop thinking about him. I also have most of the Nintendo Consoles.

Oh, and if you don't mind, I also joined you.

Noob alert.... Or is it?

Hello fellow Yoshi Fans. I go by the name of Shadoshi. I was googling various LJ communities and happened to come across this one. Yes, I am new at this community but I am definitly not new to the Yoshi. If anyone becomes interested (and/or after I get to know everyone here), I would be willing to post a special treat to fanfiction fans. I have writtin a Yoshi Fanfiction titled: Shadoshi The Yin and Yang War. Although, the title should be changed now, due to the newer story plot. *Ahem* That is for another time though. Right, so if anyone has any questions regarding me posting my fanfiction/ other various posts, please feel free to make fun of m--- I mean comment. Thank you.
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For all you Nintendo Power junkies out there (I know you are there somewhere), the mag has undergone a major re-haul, and it looks like the inclusion of a new section dedicated to game music! Check out the link here!!
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New Member =p

I just LOVE Yoshi ^_^''
I'm new, and my boyfriend and I play Mario RPG, Yoshi's Island and Super Mario World all the time. They are very fun...
Thanks for letting me join ^_^''
<3, 'sue
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Uhhh. Hi, I'm new... and I'm a BIG yoshi fan too!!!!!! (pretty obvious, for I'm in a yoshi community.....)
Yeah.... So.... yeah.
What do we do?

~**~Yoshi Eats and Runs~**~
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What's your favorite colour of Yohsi? Mine's red. (as if you couldn't tell.)

Also, for anyone with a GBA, there is a new Yoshi adventure coming out, that incorperates a gyroscope to manipulate the environment. Also, the graphics are done in the style of Yoshi's Story for the 64. (which I loved)